Samantha Tisdel Wright

Writer, Journalist, Editor, Poet

Silverton, Colorado

Samantha Tisdel Wright

A kick-axe writer.


Bramble found guilty of murder

It took a Montrose jury less than an hour to find Nashika Bramble guilty of first-degree murder.
Telluride Daily Planet Link to Story

First week of homicide suspect’s trial paints grim picture

Nashika Bramble, mother of the two girls found dead, faces two counts of first-degree murder.
Telluride Daily Planet Link to Story

Six Words To Write On The Wall

“DIANE MITSCH BUSH IS A SOCIALIST,” the flyer blares in bright red all-caps.
Mountain Independent Link to Story

Setting the Standard

Anything we use may end up in the water that flows out of our taps. How do we know it's safe to drink?
Headwaters magazine Link to Story

Miners Risked Lives in Effort to Save Two Who Died

Winner of the Society of Professional Journalists' 2013 Sigma Delta Chi Award for breaking news.
The Watch Newspaper Link to Story

Fortune Minerals Defaults on Revenue Silver Mine Debt

The fate of the Revenue silver mine near Ouray remains unclear.
San Juan Independent Link to Story

Family Cries Foul After Blasting Accident at Revenue Mine

2nd Place in Investigative/Enterprise Reporting – Top of the Rockies Excellence in Journalism Awards 2014
The Watch newspaper Link to Story

The Fight for Equal Access to Camp Bird Road

The Camp Bird Road offers access to a shameless extravagance of skiing, mountaineering and ice climbing opportunities.
San Juan Independent Link to Story

Ouray’s Beetle Scourge (and Its Silver Lining)

Dead, red forests are painful to look at and kind of scary to live next to (or within).
San Juan Independent Link to Story

Grateful for The Hateful: Telluride and the Tarantino Effect

Quentin Tarantino’s hotly anticipated post-Civil War western is being filmed 10 miles west of Telluride.
San Juan Independent Link to Story

High Stakes For Would-Be Weed Farmers in Ouray County

Five hopefuls waited in line to hand-deliver their applications for marijuana grow operations.
The San Juan Independent Link to Story

LED Energy Savings Dim Expectations

1st Place News Story in the Colorado Press Association's 2010 Better Newspapers Contest.
The Ouray County Plaindealer Link to Story


Samantha Tisdel Wright

Samantha Tisdel Wright is a nationally recognized independent journalist and freelance writer based in Silverton, Colorado.

She is the recipient of the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Breaking News from the Society of Professional Journalists for her reporting on a double-fatality at the Revenue Mine near Ouray, Colo. in 2013. She has also won numerous awards from the Colorado Press Association and The Society of Professional Journalists' Colorado chapter. 

Before settling into her career in journalism (and settling down to raise a family), Wright explored far-flung corners of the world ranging from the Silk Road to the Killing Fields to the crocodile-infested rivers of Queensland, Australia. She has pulled pints in a 500-year-old English pub, cast nets from a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, taught English in the People’s Republic of China, and worked as a firehouse dispatcher and science writer at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. 



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