Samantha Tisdel Wright

Writer, Journalist, Editor, Poet

Silverton, Colorado

Samantha Tisdel Wright

A kick-axe writer.


It Takes a Village

Co-housing is coming to Ridgway, Colo.
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The Eco-Lumber Conundrum

Inside the confusing world of eco-certified lumber.
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Keeping the Valley Beautiful

Conservation easement protects scenic ranchland from development.
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Power House

Telluride's Bridal Veil Power House, built in 1907, hunkers at cliff’s edge like a watchful sentry...
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Kane's World

Kane Scheidegger creates luminous, large-format panoramic images that capture Earth’s mysterious beauty...
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From Mining Gold to Farming Ice

How an Icy Manmade Playground Transformed Ouray’s Wintertime Economy.
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Of Pigs and Dragons

The village of Baoshan in northwestern Yunnan province had the cleanest outhouse I’d seen in all of China – not a single maggot, not a speck of filth.
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Silverton, Italians and a Pot of Polenta

One cold spring day back in 1997, all the Trentini in the world came to Silverton and ate polenta.
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The Story of the Houses at the Idarado/Red Mountain Overlook.
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After the Blowout: Silverton Faces Watershed Moment

The 3 million gallon Gold King spill, unleashed by the EPA on Aug. 5, put Silverton in the national spotlight.
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Behind-the-Scenes Battles at the Ouray Ice Park

Big picture-wise, it was a successful season. No one fell. No one got hurt.
San Juan Independent Link to Story

Miners Risked Lives in Effort to Save Two Who Died

Winner of the Society of Professional Journalists' 2013 Sigma Delta Chi Award for breaking news.
The Watch Newspaper Link to Story


Samantha Tisdel Wright

Samantha Tisdel Wright is a nationally recognized independent journalist and freelance writer based in Silverton, Colorado.

She is the recipient of the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Breaking News from the Society of Professional Journalists for her reporting on a double-fatality at the Revenue Mine near Ouray in November 2013. She also won over a dozen awards from the Colorado Press Association as a reporter and editor at the Ouray County Plaindealer, and is a two-time runner-up for the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize. 

Before settling into her career in journalism (and settling down to raise a family), Wright explored far-flung corners of the world ranging from the Silk Road to the Killing Fields to the crocodile-infested rivers of Queensland, Australia. She has pulled pints in a 500-year-old English pub, cast nets from a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, taught English in the People’s Republic of China, and worked as a firehouse dispatcher and science writer at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. 



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